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Whether your planning a wedding, a Las Vegas weekend, or just a quick trip to or from the airport, this page is intended to answer all of your potential questions and concerns about renting a Deluxe Sedan or Stretch Limosine. But as always, if you don't find what you need here, feel free to call us anytime.

What size Limo should I order?

In this case, size does matter. There are definitely ways to save money on your service if you know how many people are in your party when ordering your vehicle. We have Stretch Limos that seat up to 6 comfortably and some that seat up to 9. Of course for some trips we also offer sedans, which can be an affordable alternative if there are only 1 to 2 persons in the party.

How much does it cost to rent a Sedan or Limousine?

Limousine rentals can range from $85 per hour to $250 depending on the length of service, mileage and number of pickups and dropoff's. Luxury Sedan's start at $50 to $150. Rare or vintage vehicles are subject to availability and price can vary.

Here's another little bonus with St. Julian Limousine. We don't charge a lot of the extra "taxes and fees." Please call for a quote anytime and we'll tell you why.

Should I tip the chauffeur?

Yes, tipping the chauffeur is somewhat expected. Just like when you go to your favorite restaurant, you wouldn't think of not showing your appreciation for good service. Your driver is a licensed proffesional who has the utmost concern for your safety and security during your time with us. Please show him your appreciation for a job well done. A 15 to 20% Gratuity is the industry standard.

Can I drink in the Limousine?

The laws from state to state vary for alchoholic beverages, but here in California the answer is Yes! Underage pasengers cannot drink alchoholic beverages however. We will gladly provide soda, juice or water as an alternative.

Can I smoke in the Limousine?

There is absolutely no smoking in any of our Sedans or Limousines and the result of smoking inside the vehicle will result in a cleaning charge. Just ask the driver to pull over so you may have your cigarette outside of the vehicle.

Do I have to pay for the time the Limo is waiting for us?

If you request a vehicle at say 6:00 and we're there to pick you up on time, then that's when the clock starts ticking. Whether your ready to leave or not. If we take you to a concert, or to the theater, even if we're just sitting outside in a parking lot during the show, that's part of your time.

When do my rental charges start?

Your time starts when we arrive to pick you up and doesn't end until we drop you off at your final destination. The only exemption to this is if your pickup location is more than 20 miles from our headquarters. In this instance there may be additional mileage fees. We are happy to go over this ahead of time.

We are more than happy to answer any questions you have about planning your event transportation. If you have any additional questions, or anything you don't see here please feel free to call us anytime. We are always here to help you.



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